PDF 50 Things You Can Do Today to Manage Fibromyalgia

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Physical activity may be unthinkable at times, but it's important to stay active. When you exercise, you're helping to treat your fibromyalgia in a number of ways.

Rebuilding Wellness

Building muscle strengthens your body and builds resistance against pain and the act of exercise causes endorphins "feel good hormones" to flood the brain. Additionally, letting stress build up can affect the way you view your condition and can make the pain flare ups seem stronger and more frequent. It's important to take time for yourself each day. Engage in relaxation techniques such as meditation or deep breathing exercises. If that doesn't relax you, consider setting aside some time every day to do something you enjoy doing. Both exercise and reducing stress will help you do one other thing known to help fibromyalgia sufferers and that is to sleep better.

Many people struggle with sleep, but, if you wear yourself out with physical activities, engage in meditation and limit caffeine intake, you may be able to get more sleep and experience a better quality of sleep. Yoga has been found to reduce pain flare ups for fibromyalgia patients.

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In one study, female fibromyalgia patients participated in an eight week yoga class. The sessions were 75 minutes, twice weekly. The women reported less pain and examinations revealed that they had less stress hormones in their blood. There are many natural amino acids and some are showing to have some benefit to fibromyalgia sufferers.

Research is ongoing in testing how it affects the symptoms of fibromyalgia. A review of a study was published in Rheumatology International, suggesting that some amino acids can reduce fatigue, pain, and anxiety. Acupuncture is another treatment that is showing promise for patients trying to cope with fibromyalgia pain. The practice involves a trained practitioner inserting small needles into the body at predetermined points. A collection of nine studies has been done on a total of patients. Many patients reported experiencing improvement of pain and muscle stiffness. Tai Chi has also been shown to improve pain and discomfort brought on by fibromyalgia.

This is a form of Chinese martial arts that involves gradually moving the body through a series of poses. In a study published by New England Journal of Medicine, subjects took a 60 minute class twice a week over a period of three months. The Tai Chi classes resulted in improved fibromyalgia symptoms. This included less pain and stiffness, better sleep and an overall better outlook on life. Products and information you can trust.

Ads related to. Right Store, Right Price. Your Electronics Store. Wholesale is Better. Most teens with fibromyalgia have pain throughout their bodies. Usually the pain is dull or burning.

8 Things to Know About Fibromyalgia

Sometimes it can be more of a shooting or throbbing pain. People also may have headaches and body pain. People with fibromyalgia usually have tender spots — areas of the body that hurt when someone presses on them. Common tender spots include:.

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People with fibromyalgia often feel fatigue extremely tired or low on energy. Because of this, fibromyalgia can sometimes be mistaken for something called chronic fatigue syndrome. Sometimes people can have both conditions. In addition to pain and fatigue, most teens with fibromyalgia have trouble sleeping.

They may wake up frequently during the night and feel exhausted in the morning. They also can have problems like restless legs syndrome and sleep apnea, which can add to their sleep difficulties.

Fibromyalgia...10 Things You Can Do! (That Work!)

People with fibromyalgia might notice problems with memory or concentration. Some may be anxious or depressed.

Some also have irritable bowel syndrome , a kind of digestive problem. After living with fibromyalgia, people might start noticing that specific things make pain and other symptoms worse. For some, it might be stress. For others, it could be cold, damp weather. Everyone's different. Doctors aren't really sure why people get fibromyalgia. They do know that the brains of people with fibromyalgia sense pain differently than other people's brains.

They might feel pain in response to things like stress that aren't normally painful. There are chemicals in our brains called neurotransmitters. They help send messages between nerve cells in the brain. People with fibromyalgia may have abnormal levels of neurotransmitters in the part of the brain that signals pain. Another theory about fibromyalgia is that the nerve endings that help transmit pain signals to the brain might be too sensitive and react too strongly to pain signals.

Many experts believe that outside events — like illness, injuries, or emotional trauma — can play a role in fibromyalgia. Because fibromyalgia can run in families, it's also possible that genes may increase a person's risk of developing the condition.

Fibromyalgia and Sleep

Because fibromyalgia is a cluster of different symptoms, it's not always easy to diagnose. There's no specific test for fibromyalgia. So doctors might do tests to rule out other conditions or problems. For example, fatigue can be a sign of a thyroid problem. So a doctor may do thyroid tests. If the tests show a person's thyroid is normal, the doctor will know something else is causing the fatigue.

Fibromyalgia: Pain, Causes, Symptoms, Treatments - Disabled World

Because fibromyalgia is complicated, doctors look at several things. A doctor will start by asking about a person's medical history and symptoms like pain or fatigue. The doctor will probably also check for 18 common tender spots. Most kids and teens who have fibromyalgia feel pain in at least five of these spots when the doctor presses on them.